Magnificently remote and nestled in pristine Alaska wilderness, Bentalit Lodge is about connection with the landscape and wildlife, while embracing all the luxuries of home.

Creature Comforts in the Midst of Untamed Wilderness

In order to appreciate the beauty of Alaska, you need to venture beyond the road system and civilization. Nestled in the corner of Fish Lake Creek, you will find Bentalit Lodge and your Alaskan adventure. Here you will find luxury accommodations, world class fishing, great food, and a staff that eagerly awaits your arrival and the opportunity to make your stay amazing.

Getting Here

It is just a short 40-minute flight from Anchorage, departing from Lake Hood, located across the street from Ted Stevens International Airport. You will fly out to the lodge the evening before your first fishing day and then fly out the morning after your last fishing day. This reduces the need for hotel reservations in Anchorage and gives us a lot more options with the flight services. When making airline flights, if you can try to book flights coming into Anchorage before 3pm, it will make this possible. All flights to the lodge will be approximately at 4pm and all returning flights to Anchorage will be around 8:30am


Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided, times will vary based upon the season you will be fishing with us. We will offer nonalcoholic beverages with all meals. Alcohol can be ordered in advanced, there is a 10% surcharge. You are also welcome to pick up any liquor you would like while you are in Anchorage.

Bentalit Lodge | PO Box 7 | Skwentna, AK 99667