Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my fishing license?

Fishing license (Can be purchased online and if fishing during King season you will need a King Stamp but not after July 13th). Go to to purchase license.

What will the weather be like during our trip?

Alaska weather is unpredictable. Our recommendation is if you bring waders to make sure you have a good waterproof jacket, if you are not bringing waders make sure you have raingear. Layering of clothing seems to be the best since the morning boat ride could be a little chilly and by afternoon it can be pretty warm.

What type of fishing will we be doing?

The fishing will depend on what species you are targeting. King Salmon are usually caught by backtrolling out of the boat with a plug or jigging. Fishing for Sockeye is done up the creek with a technique called flossing. Polarized sunglasses and waders are a must. Silvers can be caught using several methods and either from the shoreline or boat.

What are the bag limits?

40 pound gear limit

How do we get our fish home?

Your guide will process the fish here at the lodge and place in the freezer. At the end of the trip, they will bag them up and send them into Anchorage with you on the plane. Once you reach the flight service they will sell you an insulated fish box, load the box to the 50lb weight for you to check in with your airline. If you are staying in Anchorage overnight or for several hours before your flight most hotels offer freezer space and there is freezer storage available at the airport.

How do we tip the guide and staff?

There will be envelopes provided in your rooms. Those envelopes may be turned into the management, left in the room or personally given the guide. The average tip amount is 20 to 25% of the trip price. Our recommendation is a 50% split to the guide, 25% to the house staff and 25% to the kitchen staff (example $3200 trip x 25% = $800 total tip Guide $400, House Staff $200 and Kitchen Staff $200. This is just a recommendation; tipping is optional and should be at your discretion. If someone went above and beyond for you, please fill out the comment section of the tip envelope provided in the binder and let us know so that we may recognize a job well done, also if your service is not what was expected we would appreciate the input.

Do we need to bring rods/tackle?

You are more than welcome to bring your own stuff if you’d like but everything you will need will be provided by the lodge.

After we catch our limit for the day what happens?

That is completely up to you and your travel companions. You are welcome to continue fishing catch and release, you can go up and flyfish in the creek, we have awesome northern pike fishing on the lakes in front of the lodge or you are more than welcome to hang out at the lodge and enjoy the amenities. We have kayaks, canoes, horseshoe pits, cornhole, a racquetball court, pool table and ping pong.

Do we need to bring rods/tackle?

You are more than welcome to bring your own stuff if you’d like but everything you will need will be provided by the lodge.

What are some items that I should consider bringing?

Mosquito Spray/Headnet

Quality Rain Gear

Waders/Wade Boots (No Felt Boots Allowed)


Polarized Sunglasses

Wool Socks and other socks


Fingerless/ light Gloves

Polarized Sunglasses



T-Shirts, Long Sleeve Shirts

Long Pants, summer Shorts

Hat with Visor

Tennis Shoes

Flashlight (aug – sept )

Bathing suit

Thermal Underwear

Layered Clothing Items

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